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The Young Karl Marx will be out in the USA in February 2018.

In Germany, a strongly repressed intellectual opposition is in upheaval. In France, the workers of the Faubourg Saint-Antoine, hotbed of every revolution, have taken to the streets again. In England too, the people are on the streets, but there it is not merely a matter of overthrowing kings: in Manchester, the revolution is industrial.

At 26, Karl Marx leads his wife, Jenny, into exile. In 1844, in Paris, they meet the young Friedrich Engels, the son of a mill owner, who has studied the sordid birth of the English proletariat. Engels the dandy brings the young Karl Marx the missing piece of the puzzle that makes up his new image of the world. Together, between censorship and police raids, between riots and political power struggles, they will preside over the birth of the labour movement, mostly confined to craftsmen until then. This will be the most complete theoretical and political transformation of the world since the Renaissance. Carried out, against all odds, by two young men from good families, brilliant, insolent and witty.


Director: Raoul Peck
Scriptwriters: Pascal Bonitzer, Raoul Peck
Director of photography: Kolja Brandt
Sound: Jörg Theil
Set designer: Benoit Barouh
Costume designer: Paule Mangenot
Casting director: Sylvie Brocheré
Editor: Frédérique Broos
Music: Alexei Aigui
Main cast: August Diehl (Karl Marx)  Stefan Konarske (Friedrich Engels) Vicky Krieps (Jenny Marx)  Olivier Gourmet (Pierre-Joseph Proudhon) Alexander Scheer (Wilhelm Weitling)
Producers: Raoul Peck, Rémi Grellety
Co-producers: Nicolas Blanc, Robert Guédiguian, Benny Drechsel, Patrick Quinet
Production company: Velvet Film
Co-producers: Agat Films, Rohfilm, Artemis Productions
Partners: France 3 Cinéma, Canal +, CNC, A plus image, Indéfilms, Sofitvciné, Jouror



2017 : Berlinale Special Gala

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