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2014 / documenta / Joanna Dunis & Léa Todorov
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Russia 2012, year of Putin’s re-election. For the first time in 15 years, the population is rising up for political change, starting with the 20-somethings who make up the National Bolshevik Party. Their guru: Eduard Limonov –punk poet turned radical leader.   Zhenia, Marat, Anya, Shuka and Tvorog come from the provinces of a country destroyed by authoritarianism and brutal capitalism. With no true political platform, beliefs that flirt with extremism and revolution as their sole religion, they look up to Stalin and Robespierre, Gandhi and the Che. Galvanised by the stories of their patriotic idols, they have chosen to live like revolutionary heroes.   Russian Utopia accompanies them in a historical moment when they can believe, more than ever, that their dreams will meet reality. Immersion in the ironies of a lost generation, between fantasy and failures of a Revolution to come, Russian Utopia is the bittersweet face of eternal revolutionary dreams.

Directors: Joanna Dunis, Léa Todorov
Image: Léa Todorov
Sound: Joanna Dunis
Editor: Isabelle Ingold
Sound editor: Cécile Chagnaud
Mix: Nathalie Vidal
Music: Arnaud Momenceau, Julien Momenceau
Main cast: Nikolaï Avdiushenkov, Anna Schuka, Igor Schuka, Evgueni Popov, Sergueï Zaplavnov, Alexandre Kurkin, Marat Gimranov, Dmitri Kolesnikov
Producers: Rémi Grellety, Raoul Peck
Production company: Velvet Film
With the support of: Programme MEDIA de l’Union Européenne, Fonds d’Aide à l’Innovation Audiovisuelle du Centre national du cinéma et de l’image animée, Région Aquitaine, Lauréat du programme Louis Lumière de l’Institut Français
Time: 60min
Original language: russian
HD, color
Year of production; 2014


Russian Open Documentary Film Festival Artdocfest (2015)

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